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Lessons Learned When The Personal And Political Collide

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the legality of same-sex marriages and the necessity for all states to recognize such unions. But don’t worry, this won’t be a post about politics, per se. Rather, the more pertinent part of the day was perhaps the opportunity provided…


Dallas Cowboys First Team In NFL To Adopt Virtual Reality Training

Earlier this offseason, a few months back, I wrote an article about the potential usefulness of virtual reality training tools, and the hypothetical interest that might exist among NFL teams for such a tool, although at the time it did not seem as though the idea was immediately heading anywhere….


Goodell, NFL Has Renewed Interest In Mexican Market

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the media yesterday from the league’s annual Spring owners meetings, touching on an array of topics, which was naturally dominated by discussion of the new extra point rules, as well as potential changes to the game day protocols for handling footballs in the wake of…


Patriots’ Acceptance Of Punishment Still Betrays Sense Of Entitlement

Following reports of “back-channel” discussions between the league office and the New England Patriots, including a documented face-to-face meeting between Commissioner Roger Goodell and team owner Robert Kraft, the organization announced yesterday at the league’s Spring meetings that it would not appeal the NFL’s decision relating to the Deflategate scandal….


NFL’s PAT Tweaks Do Little To Encourage More Two-Point Tries

As was expected, the NFL’s competition committee yesterday approved a new rule change that pushes the line of scrimmage for point after tries from the two-yard line all the way back to the 15-yard line. Instead of 17-yard attempts, then, kickers will now have to consistently make their money from…


Get Ready For Longer PATs After Touchdowns

Evidently, the league really is dead set on making life more difficult for kickers. Following a groundswell of support over the course of the offseason for a long-proposed change to the standard procedure for extra points, it seems that the competition committee now has three solid proposals on the table…

Tom Brady

NFL Suspends Tom Brady Four Games, Punishes Patriots

After much waiting, the NFL has announced its discipline in relation to DeflateGate. The league has suspended Tom Brady for four games, fined the New England Patriots $1 million, and stripped them of a 2016 first round draft pick and a 2017 fourth rounder. The punishment comes on the heels…


NFL Relinquishing Tax-Exempt Status Amounts To Little

Over the past few days, the National Football League revealed that it was voluntarily relinquishing its status as a tax-exempt entity. This is a threat that members of Congress have levied at the league every so often in retaliation for some concern or another over the years. The NFL has…


Steelers Prefer Personal Touch In Draft Process

When it comes to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL Draft, they are an organization that greatly prefers a more hands on approach, one that, without actually doing the research, certainly seems to favor the personal touch with greater earnestness than most organizations around the league. As we have already…