Was The Unnecessary Roughness Penalty On Lawrence Timmons Justified?

While there’s no way you can point to bad officiating calls as being the reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers lost 39-30 Sunday to the Seattle Seahawks, you still can’t help but question few of them and wonder how things may have turned out differently had they not happened. One play…

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Penalty Report & Officiating Crew For Saturday

By Michael Shouse With the game rapidly approaching us on Saturday, I thought that this week we would take a look at the crew assigned to the Steelers game and look at the Penalty report of each team coming into the game. The crew assigned to this game is headed…

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Steelers Penalty Report Through Week 14

I had a request if I could give a report on penalties by the Steelers this year and quickly formed one up by player, the week the penalty or penalties occurred, the penalty itself, yards penalized and if it resulted in a first down or stalled drive. This report should…