Robert Davis

Bryan: 2017 Pre-Draft Final Thoughts

We still have a few hours remaining until the 2017 NFL Draft gets underway in Philadelphia and with that, I have a few final thoughts roaming around inside my head to pass along to all of you. Most are related to the Pittsburgh Steelers while others are just generic in…

Study: What Pittsburgh Looks For In Wide Receivers

We are back to do one of my favorite, and hopefully useful, studies during the season. Last year, we began to look at the type of prospects the Pittsburgh Steelers gravitated towards in each draft under the Tomlin/Colbert umbrella. We’ll reevaluate this year, tweak the numbers, and do the same….

Bryan 2017 Steelers Mock Draft: Version 2.0 – Post Pro Days

It’s been a long time since I released my first Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 mock draft and that’s mainly because I’ve had a lot of tape to watch. As I mentioned in mock version 1.0, I got a late start on evaluating this year’s draft class due to the Steelers deep…