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Appeal Hearing For Patriots QB Tom Brady Begins Today

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is currently in New York City appealing his four game suspension, and that hearing is underway right now. Despite him being asked by the NFLPA to recuse himself from the proceedings, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is serving as the neutral arbitrator in Brady’s appeal. According…


Patriots’ Acceptance Of Punishment Still Betrays Sense Of Entitlement

Following reports of “back-channel” discussions between the league office and the New England Patriots, including a documented face-to-face meeting between Commissioner Roger Goodell and team owner Robert Kraft, the organization announced yesterday at the league’s Spring meetings that it would not appeal the NFL’s decision relating to the Deflategate scandal….


Tom Brady Can’t Blame Steelers Players For Appeal Process

Following a seemingly endless barrage of attacks targeting Ted Wells and his investigation, and thus indirectly against the league itself and Commissioner Roger Goodell, who employed Wells to carry out the investigation, one can’t help but wonder if that has already come back to bite the New England Patriots. Recently,…


Deflectgate: Patriots Defense Seeks To Redirect Focus, Reassign Blame

The New England Patriots yesterday furthered their assault on the league’s integrity, initiating a ‘shock and awe’ information dump bundled into a website dubbed The Wells Report in Context, referencing the findings of Ted Wells, the investigator hired by the NFL to look into the Deflategate allegations. As it turns…


Discipline For Patriots Should Not End With Tom Brady Suspension

A report surfaced yesterday from Gary Myers of the New York Daily News that the league does indeed intend to issue a suspension of some duration for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in his role—and his lack of cooperation with—find findings of the Ted Wells investigation into his team…


NFL Set Precedent For Punishment Earlier This Offseason

Yesterday, the Ted Wells report was finally delivered to the league office, which investigated the extent to which the New England Patriots were involved with and in knowledge of the deflation of footballs used by the team’s offense and quarterback Tom Brady. As it turns out, that certainly appears to…

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Just Fining Patriots QB Tom Brady Won’t Be Enough

By now, several of you have probably read the report submitted by league investigator Ted Wells that details his findings related to the New England Patriots allegedly deflating their footballs prior to AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts. If you haven’t read it, you can do so right here….


Incriminating Deflate-Gate Texts Are Hilarious

If you haven’t read the report that Ted Wells has filed after looking into allegations that the New England Patriots purposefully deflated footballs prior to their AFC Championship Game win over the Indianapolis Colts, you really should fit time to do that into your schedule. In order to tide you…


Wells Report Concludes Patriots QB Tom Brady Was “Generally Aware” Of Football Deflation

On Wednesday, Ted Wells finally released his report on the investigation that was conducted into the events surrounding accusations against the New England Patriots suggesting they had knowledge of footballs being deflated before or during their AFC Championship win over the Indianapolis Colts. That report also suggests that Patriots quarterback…